Masterclass Enformation | Module 1

Enformation MasterClass is a project conceived for developing the skills of academic writing. “Writing and submitting a manuscript for evaluation” is the first module of the Masterclass Enformation project. The course explains the process of making a successful academic article in theory and practice! It is known that every researcher has its own style of writing and explaining the results obtained from the research activity. Therefore, in this module it is encouraged the preservation and improvement of your own style, giving you guidelines to follow and adapt to become better and clearer in transmitting the desired information.

Writing and sending for evaluation a manuscript offers you an interactive discussion between authors and trainers, and presents concrete case studies, real examples of academic articles that are thoroughly analysed during the course. It will be discussed the most common mistakes, some made even by excessively inserting the details out of the desire to eloquently explain the designed study, and point out your shortcomings / omissions, namely aspects that are not emphasised enough, often either in a hurry or in the absence of a complete and adequate content of the guides for authors published by journals.

Nevertheless, the course encourage you to actively contribute during the module, bringing up your own writing examples – titles, abstracts and keywords – so that the trainers can provide you with personalised advice.

The informations you receive if you participate:
· What to include in your manuscript vs. aspects to avoid.
· How to achieve an optimal structure, in sections, of the manuscript.
· What tools to use for editing figures and tables.
· How you can efficiently structure your manuscript from an aesthetic point of view.
· How important metadata is for your article to be successful.
· How you can evaluate your article objectively, according to the perspective of an editor.
· What are the examples of good practice to follow in academic publication.

The first two sessions of Module 1 – “Writing and submitting a manuscript for evaluation” will take place on June 10 and 17, 2021.
Number of participants / session: 15 people.
Registration will open on June 4, 2021.
For the first two sessions it is offered a 50% discount on the price. Those interested will receive a discount CODE.

More information can be found on the page dedicated to the Masterclass Enformation project:
https: //

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