The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work is a partner in the Horizon 2020 project „The impact of digital transformations on children and youth – The Digital Generation”. As a project member, PhD student student Cosmin Ghețău enrolled at Doctoral School of Sociology participated in writing the working paper ICT usage across A literature review and an overview of existing data available on the project website (

The DigiGen project develops significant knowledge about how children and young people use and are affected by the technological transformations in their everyday lives. The project is uncovering both harmful and beneficial effects of technology in the everyday lives of children and young people. This includes a focus on the family, educational institutions, leisure time and children and young people’s civic participation. DigiGen is providing new knowledge about the barriers and opportunities that children from a variety of backgrounds experience in relation to technology. The project is developing effective social, educational, health and online safety policies and practices in collaboration with national and international stakeholders. DigiGen has the potential to significantly contribute to the development of explanatory models that will inform relevant stakeholders and practitioners on the long-term effects of ICT on child development, with a particular focus on risk, resilience and enhancing factors.

You can find more about this research here:

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